Our Quality Department is responsible for reviewing and verifying all manufacturing processes, ensuring that the end product meets the necessary requirements.

certificado ISO 15085-0 menaes
certificado ISO 9001 menaes


Service, technology, quality and price.

MENAES S.L. operates in a highly competitive market.

Its success is based on:

  • Quality, maintaining a quality assurance system under ISO 9001-2000 and Certification Level CL2 according to EN 15085-2, which guarantees quality throughout the entire production process.
  • Service, enhancing the technology behind the processes in order to meet the delivery deadlines set by our customers.
  • Technology, collaborating with our customers from conception of the parts with concurrent engineering teams.
  • Price,  offering truly competitive levels within the market as a whole. Our aim is, therefore, for our company to remain at the forefront, primarily based on the professionalism of our staff and the overall efficiency of the organisation.

Pretendemos por tanto, que nuestra empresa, permanezca en la primera línea,  basándose principalmente en la profesionalidad de su personal y en la eficacia global  de la organización.

The achievement of our pillars is defined by the participation of each and every one of the people who are part of our team.