Stamping Section

Stamping components for the automotive sector. Manufacture of metal parts, all in steel or aluminium sheet metal. We have a large number of presses with capacity of 25 to 400 tonnes.

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Automatic Feeder Presses:


100 Tn up to 800 Tn with band widths of up to 1,000 mm and raw material thicknesses of up to 7 mm in docol 550. Automatic strap feeding systems with CNC control

Clearing 800 ton: 1200x1800x500 Feed Line thickness 4 max. width 1000
Arisa 200 ton: 700x1000x500 Feed Line 4 max. width 400
Schuler 160 ton:1000x600x500 Feed Line thickness 3 max. width 300
Arrasate 350 ton:2000x1100x500 Feed Line thickness 3 max. width 800

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Hydraulic Presses:


Blanch 800 ton: 2500x1500
Ajial 400 ton: 2000x1500
Blanch 300 ton: 1600x1200x1000
Blanch 200 ton: 700x600x900
Guillem 60 ton: 700x500x600.

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Prensas Escéntricas:


We have a total of 23 conventional presses ranging from 40 tons to 630 tons for dies up to 2.8 meters in length

Eccentric Presses:

Blanch 400 ton: 1900x1400x650
Arrásate 400 ton: 2400x1400x650
Spiertz 400 ton: 2000x1400x1400
Blanch 300 ton: 1100x1100x900
Goitt 250 ton: 800x1100x700
Aitor 250 ton: 1500x860x530
Arisa 250 ton: 1500x900x530
Aitor 250 ton: 1500x860x530
Richter 250 ton: 1400x900x500
Arisa 250 ton: 1400x900x500
Arrasate 250 ton: 1400x900x600
Arisa 20 ton: 1400x900x600
Richter 160 ton: 1000x500x450
Guillem 160 ton: 1200x800x500


125 ton Press: Guillem
100 ton Press: Arrastre
80 ton Press: Riba
80 ton Press: Richter
60 ton Press: Estarta
60 ton Press: Esna
60 ton Press: Esmeral
40 ton Press: Estarta
40 ton Press: Estarta
Hydraulic Shear: 2000x1100x10 m/m
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